The ArchArt Photographic Agency offers its customers both assignment
and stock photography.

Assignment Photography

We specialize in architectural and interior design photography. State-of the-art digital equipment is used or transparencies of up to 4x5" format are produced with a large-format camera to ensure the best reproduction quality.

Any advertising or promotional need in the sphere of photography can be met, from product shots in our studio in Prague 9, to official or journalist-style portraits of board members and directors, to aerial photographs of localities.

Specific themes which require a reportorial approach can also be dealt with. We have long-standing experience in documenting works of art – this is often used by museums, magazines, collectors and artists themselves.

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Stock Photography

Our rich, continually enlarged and updated stock contains a number of middle- to large-format transparencies of towns and cities of the Czech Republic, churches, castles and châteaux, landscapes and pictures of nature, details of flora and fauna (from local zoos), as well as collections of images on different themes such as old fire-engines, hand-made folk nativity scenes from different parts of the Czech Republic, etc. We also represent other photographers and thus we are able to supply pictures not only from all regions of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, but from abroad as well. Please also visit a page called Colours of the City which represents a sample of the personal work of Lubomir Synek, member of the American Society of Media Photographers and of the Association of Professional Photographers of the Czech Republic, the author of all photographs on this website.

Photographs can be delivered in digital form to speed up your pre-processing either using magnetic media, compact disc, or the Internet.

Several samples of each genre or topic can be seen by clicking on a picture under the appropriate heading.

As it is not possible to present the whole archive contents and scope on this website, please contact us for further details by filling in this form or send an e-mail. Thank you.

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Please click on the picture representing the chosen category:

Architecture, interiors
Towns and cities
Castles and châteaux
Aerial photography
Flora and fauna
Works of art
Nativity scenes
Colours of the City

Photo © Lubomir Synek

Attention: All photographs are subject to copyright and any usage without prior conclusion of a proper contract with their author or his agency is illegal. If you are interested in using, for any purpose, pictures shown on our website, please contact us by e-mail or snail mail, by phone or by fax – we will be pleased to provide you with digital files or original transparencies.

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